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Creating perception hierarchies with accents People interpret the brightest area of a room as the most important – in this way accent light emphasizes the elements important for visitors such as reception desks or logos, therefore also providing orientation in large, unfamiliar spaces. The directed light also achieves brilliant material surfaces. Accent lighting can also be used outdoors to establish visual references between the interior and exterior during darkness and to indicate the route to the entrance.


AURA has been working with lighting designers, architects and planners to develop custom luminaires of the highest technical standard, which impress with their style and aesthetics. There is always one goal: to push the boundaries of the technically feasible, enabling visionary designs. We can meet this challenge because our brands and their design labs as well as production deliver top performance. Being on-site for our customers is essential for mutual success
We can tailor our response to the needs of our customers and continuously expand our existing product portfolio. Meeting seemingly impossible challenges is our daily motivation and inspiration. From novel concept to luminaire innovation: a path created by crossing borders

An even perception of space Our general lighting systems are constructed with direct and/or indirect light and wide flood optics. This combination ensures the entire environment is lit correctly, as well as highlighting its various shapes and spaces. It does not create visual paths or hierarchies, but it does light space evenly and with absolute freedom of observation. Different optic technologies are used to emphasize architectural styles and visual comfort and energy efficiency are always guaranteed. Modular recessed, pendant and wall or ceiling-mounted installations are also available.
The lighting design in meeting rooms must accommodate versatile, multimedia formats. Both the screen and the speaker should be clearly visible during presentations. It must be possible to darken the multimedia wall to create great viewing conditions when using a projector. Dimmable luminaires aid orientation and prevent fatigue. In addition to variable accent lighting, meeting rooms need homogeneous, glare-free general lighting to help participants read and write easily.