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In retail, much of the sales area remains dedicated to classic shelves. Vertical, bright shelf-front illumination that is as uniform as possible enhances products’ aesthetics and inspires customers to buy. Integrated, gentle, and if possible hidden LED accent lighting in different colour temperatures ensures effective product presentation, tailored to the respective product range. Shopping is a sensual experience. This is especially true for clothing and accessories. An inspiring atmosphere in which customers enjoy browsing is created above all by the right lighting. It should first help with orientation on the sales floor, visually structuring the space, as well as emotionally staging the fashion.

Retail lighting

Shopping is far more than a means to an end, it is an emotional event. For years, shops around the world have been changing to offer their customers experiences, not just products. The more inspiring the environment and the more comfortable people feel in stores, the higher their willingness to buy and the more positive their association with the respective retailer or brand. A beautiful, atmospheric ambience is therefore both an aesthetic goal and an essential economic factor.
In brand stores, special emphasis is placed on product presentation. Customers come to the store to buy goods and to enjoy a special shopping experience. Used consciously, accent lighting can sharpen a brand’s corporate identity and make its attributes tangible in the flagship store. This ambience of luxury and exclusivity is created by a successful interplay of architecture, furniture, and lighting.

Modern Showroom Light Design

Correct lighting design gives aesthetics to a showroom and enhances the look of products by highlighting their features. Modern LED lighting techniques have overcome the drawbacks of conventional lighting and are helping showroom businesses raise store footfalls and eventually product sales.
Modern LED lighting systems can certainly give your showroom the ultimate lighting experience. The best -and sometimes the confusing – part is that there is a whole lot of showroom lighting products to choose from. SeniorLED brings the most popular retail store lighting systems to help you choose the best ones for your showroom. Start paying attention!