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1.Tile Italia (koramangala)

This project came to us after the cladding was already installed. It was a very difficult challenge for us because creating new detail was impossible in this situation. Secondly, it seemed as though this building did not have any windows but the windows are hidden by using architectural elements. The only possible place for installing any kind of fixture was the window. The challenge was to find the precise fixture to bring the design vision to life. The slightest change in the fixture or the placement would cause light to spill into the interiors, which is unacceptable Suitable fixture was selected by our Lighting design studio to properly showcase the architectural elements that make the building stand out. 


2.Building 378  

Façade lighting is all about the psychology of the surrounding environment and its suitability in context with the local area. The designer had to take into account the lighting of the surrounding buildings. The challenge was to light up all the deep recessed windows and at the same time prevent light spillage into the interiors. The design team selected a unique fixture that needed a very narrow cut-out and had a 180-degree beam that accomplished the job. In this design, the contrast effect is used.  


 3.Vivek Chawla Residence  

Vivek Chawla Landscape Lighting Design attention to detail is crucial when planning landscape lighting design, perhaps second only to ease of maintenance of the landscape itself. When planning landscape projects, an important thing is detailed designs. When planning landscape projects are thought of as maintenance by Lighting Design Studio. Landscape projects are all about contrasting play between Light and dark areas and everything in between. The designer creates different moods and scenes. Secondly, Landscape projects are important for creating contrast and different scenes. In this case, the colour red was chosen as a way to portray the love and passion with which Mr Chawla designed this garden. The Buddha sculpture provides the necessary serene and calm contrast to the passionate red. We created a pattern for Pathways with special lighting bollards. Special bollards helped create patterns on the pathways When viewing the Buddha sculpture from the seating area, the designer created different and distinct layers using.  


Commercial Spaces generally should be bright. For commercial lighting requirements are 200-300 Lux average and 0.40-0.60 uniformity. 

Architect Challenge : For general lighting it should be provided by using architectural elements and All special cladding should be shown with lighting. Client Challenge: All areas should be enough lux levels. But for this there should be budget friendly solutions. Lobby Ceiling has Baffles . We could use downlights. But when thinking of a client budget we should think about without glare effect lighting and creating special effects. The Aura team created special detail for general lighting with budget friendly solutions.  


Retail Lighting required many scenarios. Sometimes required dramatic effect in this area but sometimes required creating more bright and uniform areas. The Second important thing is CRI in retail areas. We could use high CRI for these areas. 

Client Challenge: Every week might change stuff and this area might be used as an exhibition area. This flexibility should be for lighting as well. Solution: For retail areas, we are using magnetic tracks. We can change any product requirement and replacement in a track inside the exhibition with 48 V. All areas will use Dali control. Hereby we can arrange brightness levels depending on the scenarios. Magnetic track replacement is decided accordingly aura team lighting calculations. If we are replacing those tracks anywhere, it shouldn’t be dark in future times. 


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